Board Members


Ginny Jacobs, President (term up for re-election 2021)

It is my honor to serve as the President, ARC and Compliance chairperson for Myers Mill! I moved to Myers Mill in June 2017 and in the short amount of time I have lived here, I have been able to witness what a real community is like. I look forward to continuing to build Myers Mill by developing the best possible solutions for our upcoming issues at hand in 2020. Our main priorities for 2020 are repairing the ponds, restore and repair the pavilion, and building our reserves so we can maintain our beautiful neighborhood. I feel we have made great progress in the past year with bringing our community together. One of my goals is to continue to grow our community through transparency and cohesion.


Michelle McDonald, Vice President, Secretary and Communications Chair (term up for re-election 2021)

I am happy to serve as VP and communications chair for Myers Mill! I moved to the neighborhood in 2016 with a large family of 6 and have enjoyed the people, traditions and passion everyone has shown to make our neighborhood the best it can be. I have committed my life to serving others through my career and look forward to bringing that service to our community. As the Business Development Specialist for SC Vocational Rehabilitation I often work through resistance to ensure the long term success of my business partners and consumers. I believe being transparent, flexible and authentic is the key to representing and working with so many different personalities. I am excited to see what we can accomplish by working together and look forward to your continued feedback!


Arthur Rich, Treasurer, Pool Committee Chair (term up for re-election 2021)

I look forward to serving this community as the Pool and Activities Committee Chair.  I moved into Myers Mill in April of 2010 and I have had the opportunity to watch this community grow into an amazing place to live.  I served on the Myers Mill HOA Bard for 2 years previously and I have seen the challenges that this community has overcome.  I truly value and seek out diverse opinions on all issues.  In my current position at The Citadel, I have had many opportunities to be a member of various boards and councils so I understand how they should work.  One of my first goals as the pool chair is to make sure that our pool is open and available to enjoy every season.  I want to make sure that long term maintenance is not only accounted for but properly budgeted for.  Finally, I would like to make improvements (as the budget and the community requests) to the pool area so that it can be a place of enjoyment for many years to come. To do this, I will partner with other board members so that we can improve our assessment collections process so that we have better financial stability for our association.

Amber Mark, ARC Committee Chair (term up for re-election 2021)

I am a very blessed wife and mother of 6. I love living in Myers Mill in beautiful Summerville, SC.  It has always been my dream to live in the South and through hard work and perseverance, we made it. I want to be able to be involved in and contribute to this wonderful community and I believe that becoming a Board member can help me achieve that goal.

I believe I am a great fit to this organization. I bring a down to earth, calm, thoughtful, honest and purposeful energy to this group. I obviously have a personal interest in this community and keeping it a desirable neighborhood to reside in.

In my opinion, the top three priorities of the Board should be: To govern the HOA and to enforce its governing documents, to represent the interests of the homeowners, and to keep healthy budgets.


Laura Margolis, Compliance Chair (term up for re-election 2021)

I’m married 34 years to Gary Margolis and we are originally from Long Island, NY, and moved to Summerville, SC in August 2010. We have raised two beautiful daughters together. Our oldest daughter blessed us with 2 grandchildren, a 7 year old girl and a 6 year old boy who are the greatest loves of our lives! I sell vintage, antique and one of a kind items, besides refinishing many different furniture items in a booth I rent at Katie Mae’s, located in Downtown Summerville.



Nicole MusapActivities Chair (term up for re-election 2021)






T Stephens

Tracy Stephens, Landscaping Chair, and Nature Trail Chair (term up for re-election 2021)

I’ve lived in Summerville most of my life and in Myers Mill with my wife Christine, and two daughters, Adrianne and Haley, since September of 2012. I’ve been in the elevator trade since 2005 and I like working with my hands and figuring out how things work. I also enjoy walking the local disc golf courses tossing “fisbees” at chain baskets for a little fun.

I previously served on the Myers Mill BOD for two years and I hope that I’m able to contribute to the current  board in a positive and rewarding way. My goal is to serve the HOA in whatever capacity I can and to find ways to bring our community closer together.