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The Board of Directors for Myers Mill Homeowners Association, Inc as set the annual assessment rate for 2023 which will increase from the 2022 rate of $446.00 to $512.90.  Your Board of Directors reviewed  historical documents regarding assessment increases to determine if an increase had occurred consistently over prior years.  Based on that research it was discovered increases had not occurred annually.  The Board sought input from the association’s attorney to determine how to recuperate the allowable increase.

The attorney advised the Board to tally up how many years the assessment was not increased by the 5% allowed in the CC&R’s (Article V, Section 3(a)) and start with the next year to calculate what the maximum increase should be for 2023.  The Board used that formula to determine the 2023 annual assessment.

This increase is needed to help the Association become financially stable. All vendor contracts/proposals have been reviewed in attempt to lower the fixed, monthly costs to regularly maintain the Association. If the Association had the proposed capital contribution amendment in place, an assessment increase like this wouldn’t be necessary as the amendment would help increase the Association’s funds every time a property is sold / transferred in the neighborhood.

Please note the 2023 assessment will be due on February 1, 2023 and paid by March 2, 2023.  No late fees will be applied on accounts until April 2, 2023.

As a reminder, you can access your RealManage Resident Portal by logging into, click on the portals tab and select Resident.  You can register for the ACH assessment payment option, pay via eCheck or by mailing your payment to PO Box 30424, Tampa, FL 33630.

If you have additional questions please send us an email to

Respectfully, Myers Mill Board of Directors