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The Board wanted to provide an update on a few outstanding items and concerns that arose as a result of the annual meeting.  

As some of you might know, Neil White was elected to the board based on a floor nomination at the annual meeting on 11/15.  Due to the broad by-law amendment that was passed by community vote at the October 2017 annual meeting, whether or not a floor nomination was allowed was brought into question by a few homeowners.  We discussed this at length and ultimately Neil decided to resign from the board. We were saddened by this turn of events and hope that Neil finds a way to volunteer in another way in the community.  

Neil’s resignation leaves a vacant seat on the board and we are in need of a Pool, Landscaping, and Nature Trail Chair.  The board discussed this and decided due to the closeness of the annual meeting and elections, we have offered the open seat to a homeowner that was on the ballot.  We are happy to announce that Tracy Stephens has accepted the seat. We will work to transition him in to things over the next few days so we can really get to work.

Several people have inquired about the actual vote counts received by all candidates during the election.  Though this is something we have not provided in the past as to not make anyone that ran and did not win, feel bad and deter them from running again, we have received guidance that in the spirit of transparency there is no legal reason to not release them.  Thus the votes were as follows: Kris Hawkins 191, Tracy Stephens 111, Arthur Rich 85, Mallary Chritton 183, Shawn Kemp 78, Neil White 161. All ballots and votes were not only counted the night of, but recounted and verified at the CMG office with 2 community members in attendance.  Thank you again Ellen Jennings and Sheila Brown for your time and efforts.

Now on to what everyone has been waiting for – the Special Assessment.  The vote for the Special Assessment for $261 per home lot that was needed for the pool maintenance and repairs did NOT pass.  We had 268 vote “yes” but needed 320 to pass the assessment.  We are all reeling from this and wish the outcome had been different.  We do want to thank all the community volunteers that helped spread the word and collect proxies.  The board is exploring several other options for funding as we move forward in the hopes that we will still be able to repair the pool prior to next season.

As a result of the special assessment not passing, the Board has decided that the 2019 annual assessment will need to increase the maximum of 5% from $367.50 to $387.75.  This is an increase of $20.25. Remember – dues can be paid in advance by making payments, but must be paid in full by January 30th. Visit to login to your account and make online payments any time you wish.  

As we move forward, the board’s first priority after transitioning into our roles is to get the 2019 budget finalized.  We appreciate everyone’s support and patience as we get into the nitty gritty of this, and we apologize for any delays in responses.  We are also looking for new and/or additional volunteers for the Activities committee, the ARC committee, the Nature Trail committee and the Communications committee.  Please visit our website for more information and the form to complete if you are interested in helping out.

One last reminder, please help us use CMG’s support to its fullest by contacting their support team for all questions or concerns before reaching out to the board.  They can be reached at 843-795-8484 or by email at  

Thank you – Myers Mill Board of Directors

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In maintaining a solid communication platform, an OFFICIAL Myers Mill Homeowners Facebook group has been created. This group is strictly to be used for the Myers Mill BOD to communicate with the community on HOA business.  Forms, links to minutes and financial reports, pool pavilion reservation information, newsletters, and a link to the website can be found under the files tab located on the group page. Community events will be located under the events tab.

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