All homeowners can possess up to two key fobs for pool and pavilion bathroom access. Fobs are passed from previous owners or you can purchase a new fob for $20 each.

The Board of Directors will make every effort to ensure all homeowners have key fob’s prior to the pool season.  If you are a renter, key fob’s will be issued to your homeowner or to you with written permission from your homeowner and/or rental agreement naming you as the tenant.  

Please note: Access to the pool is for Homeowners/Renters that are in Good Standing with the association, to include those homeowners who, although may have a balance, have established and maintained an approved payment plan with the BOD to reconcile their accounts. If at any time a homeowner misses a payment according to the agreed upon date or amount, access will be immediately denied and will not be reinstated for any reason until the homeowner reaches a balance of $0.

Access to the pool deck is by key fob only.  Do NOT open the gate for individuals without a key fob or leave gate propped open. Those in need of a key fob should contact the BOD or management company.  Those not in good standing as of March 1st, will have their key fob deactivated and will be charged a $20 key fob reactivation administration fee.

Please contact myemill@ciramail.com or myersmillbod@gmail.com for all key fob questions or concerns.