Teenager Policy Effective 6/10/2018


As we welcome summer, we also welcome problematic issues at the pool.  In the last week we have had groups of teens jumping the pool fence, popping open the gate and/or opening the gate to friends who do not have key fobs, standing on furniture, speaking disrespectfully to the attendant, and refusing to follow the pool rules.  We have also had teeenagers using the key pad code instead of the key fobs. Codes that no one should have. Thursday there were teenagers acting indecently in the pool. This kind of behavior is not only dangerous, but also makes the pool an unpleasant place to be for other residents.

The rules regarding age restrictions are set for a reason.  The pool can be a very dangerous place and we want everyone to be able to safely enjoy the use of the pool.  We do not have a lifeguard on duty and the attendant is not a babysitter. Children age 13 and under should NOT under any circumstances be at the pool without a responsible adult.  Children ages 14 & 15 may go to the pool without an adult, provided they are following the rules, have a key fob, and are acting appropriately. They are not allowed to bring any guests with them.  A guest is considered another person (child) that is either not a resident of the Mill and/or a resident that does not have an active key fob. Teenagers ages 16, 17, and 18, may go to the pool without an adult and may bring ONLY ONE (1) guest with them.  

To create some accountability and to make it easier to identify which teens are residents (as it is possible many of these teens are not), we are asking parents/guardians to complete this form and return it to the pool attendant or a board member. The pool attendant will have copies available and is at the pool daily at various times. As of June 16th, any teen who does not have a form on file will be turned away. We will also be giving copies of these forms to teens as they check in this week at the pool so that they can bring them home to get them completed. BUT they MUST BE COMPLETED AND RETURNED BY THE PARENT.

Thank you for your cooperation and please let us know if you have any questions. Myersmillbod@gmail.com