Documents & Forms

Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions, and Easements

The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions, and Easements encompasses the Homeowners Association guidelines to be followed by all homeowners and renters. Click here to access the covenants document.

Board Resolutions

2007-01 Fine Resolution

2016-01 Relating to Adoption and use of Resolution Format and Process

2016-02 Related to the Hiring of the Law Firm Smith & Closser

2016-03 Relating to the Formation of a Special Committee to Review HOA Covenants & By-Laws

2016-04 The adoption/revision of Regulations and Restrictions on Parking and Storage of Vehicles within the Community

2016-05 Relating to the Association’s enforcement of its rights and remedies in the event of any default in the timely payment of the Association’s regular and special assessments (Lien Foreclosure)

2016-06 Relating to the Definition of the term “Commercial Vehicles” as per the covenants and restrictions

2016-07 Relating to the Audit of the Association’s Financial Record

2016-08 Relating to the ReFormation of the Nominations Committee for 2017

2016-09 Formation of the Activities Committee

2016-10 Formation of the Playground Research Committee

2016-11 Reformation of the Covenant Review Committee

2016-12 Reformation of the Communications Committee

2016-13 Reformation of the ARC committee

2016-14 Formation of the Solar Panel Committee

2016-15 Compliance Fines for Basketball Goals

2016-16 Formation of the Nature Trail Preservation Committee

2017-17: Definition of Above Ground Swimming Pools Resolution

2017-18: Increase of Association Due Resolution

2017-19: Implementation of Administrative Fee for Key Fob Reactivation

2017-20: Violation Enforcement Policy

2017-21: Collection Policy

2017-22: Reduction of Board Seats

2017-23: Collections – SCC Filing Round 1 (October 2017)

2017-24: Pool Violation Enforcement

2017-25: Collections – SCC Filing Round 2 (June 2018)

2017-26: Reduction of Board Seats 2018-2019 Election Term

2017-27: Increase in Association Dues

2019-01: Increase in Pool Pavilion Rental Fee

2019-02: Increase in Administrative Fee for Reactivation of Key Fobs

Mailbox Guidelines

This document lists the guidelines for any mailbox on your property.  Click here to access the mailbox guidelines..

Fence Guidelines

This document lists the guidelines that must be met prior to having a fence installed on your property. *Make sure to include your final plat/survey and Architerctural Control Committee Request form with your application in order to be considered complete. Click here to access the fence guidelines form.

Protective Covenants Guidelines (General)

The guidelines are general covenants for the community. Click here to access the protective covenants guidelines.

For complete details of the covenenants, please refer to the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restricitons, and Easements as stated above.

Antennas and Satellite Dishes

Click here to access the guidelines on antennas and satellite dishes.

Fine Resolution Explanation

This document explains the compliance process and fine associated with non-compliance. Click here to access the fine resolution explanation.

Lawn Care Guidelines

Click here to access the guidelines on lawn care.

Playsets and Trampolines

Click here to access the playlets and trampolines guidelines document.

In-Ground Flagpoles

Click here to access the guidelines on in-ground flagpoles.

Yard Signs Guidelines

Click here to access the guidelines for yard signs.